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Advertisements provide information to audiences and promote the sales of products and services. The fashion industry utilizes advertisements to attract consumers and promote its products to generate sales. A few decades ago when technology was still underdeveloped, advertisements heavily relied on radio, magazines, billboards, and newspapers. These days, there are more various ways in advertisements such as television ads, online-based ads using internet websites, and posts, videos, and live streaming in social media platforms. Particularly relevant is Stanley Lieberman's research on fashions in children's first names, which are clearly unaffected by commercial interests. No advertisers promote the choice of names such as Rebecca, Zoe, or Christopher, but they have become fashionable anyway. Fast fashion relates to clothing and accessories that move from the designer sketchpad to the store in the shortest amount of time possible—often in a matter of a month, vs. close to a

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Social media plays an necessary function in modern-day fashion public relations; enabling practitioners to achieve a extensive range of shoppers through varied platforms. A few days after the 2010 Fall Fashion Week in New York City got here to an in depth, The New Islander's Fashion Editor, Genevieve Tax, criticized the style business for running on a seasonal schedule of its own, largely at the expense of real-world customers. "Because designers launch their fall collections within the spring and their spring collections in the fall, trend magazines corresponding to Vogue all the time and only sit up for the upcoming season, selling parkas come September whereas issuing reviews on shorts in January", she writes. "Savvy buyers, consequently, have been conditioned to be extremely, perhaps impractically, farsighted with their shopping for." The dressing practices of the highly effective has historically been mediated via artwork and the practices of the courts.